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Flash Survey: COVID -19 & Humor
This survey is designed to help understand what kinds of humor spread during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We will ask you some questions about who you are, and then ask for you to share your best COVID-19 joke or meme with us. Share whatever you want!
Any questions about the survey can be sent to
Tell us about yourself, please.
Go from the gut - don't overthink it!
Which gender(s) do you identify as?
Very Much
Not Much
Not at all
Something Else
Thinking about your social media feed TODAY, how much do you read or watch these kinds of content?
Memes & Humor
Family & Friends
Almost all
A lot of it
Some of it
A little bit
None at all
What is the BEST COVID-19 joke or meme you've seen? 
You can write or paste it, send a link to it, or upload an image file! 
Upload file here
Wrapping Up
Super easy, right? 

Science thanks you!

Questions or thoughts?   Email us:
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